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Carbon Brush for Power Tools

power tools carbon brushes

JCL  Carbon manufactures a full range of carbon brushes for power tools. We are a   long-term supplier to Bosch Electric Tool and AEG power tools. Our carbon brushes are specifically designed to provide excellent performance and long life.

Our unique capabilities in both molding and machining brushes allow us to provide the highest quality parts using the most economical manufacturing methods.

With our extensive application analysis you can be assured of maximum performance and life from your existing product design.


· In-house tooling capabilities

· Assembly capabilities

· On-site motor test facility with dynamometer

· Research and development on-site

· Custom grade formulations

· Ultrasonic welding

· Lead free soldering

automobile carbon brush,Traction & Transit Carbon

Carbon_Brush for automobiles


JCL   Carbon has a long history of supplying carbon brushes for traction and transit applications we highly recommend the use of our Red Top Pad for improved performance. We have several excellent grades that provide long life and are constructed to meet the vigorous demands of this application.




Industrial Carbon Brushes

Industry carbon brush


JCL   Carbon manufactures a full range of carbon brushes for a variety of industries   including steel, mining, paper, plastics, printing, and more. For over 30 years,JCL Carbon has been an industry leader in the replacement brush market, as well as a supplier to many of the major OEMs. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility allows us to quickly produce custom brushes in a day or two. Over 200 popular styles of brushes are carried in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

Over 80 different high quality electro-graphite, graphite, metal graphite, and carbon graphite grades of material are available to manufacture a full line of fabricated or pressed-to-size carbon brushes. Each brush is formulated to maximize brush life and optimize performance for any given application.

We have over 20 highly trained, experienced field service representatives who can evaluate your motors and recommend a brush for maximum life and lower maintenance costs.

Enter your part number into the search field in our catalog to find your carbon brush. You can also search by manufacturer, size, and industry.

Elevator Carbon Brush

JCL Carbon has been supplying brushes for elevator applications for over 20 years. We offer a full line of carbon, graphite, and composite grade brushes designed to dramatically reduce dusting, minimize maintenance time, and maximize brush and commutator life. Over 30 popular elevator brushes are carried in stock, ready for same day delivery. Custom made elevator brushes can be made in a day or two.

Fork Lift & Lift Truck Brushes



JCL   Carbon manufactures a variety of carbon brushes for battery operated vehicles including forklifts and golf carts. We have several excellent grades of material that are made in-house and provide long life and good performance.

Several of the most popular brushes for lift truck motors are stocked and available for same day shipment. Custom made brushes can be produced in just a few days.

In order to produce a high quality, competitively priced product, we press-to-size the carbon bodies and then do final fabrication.

Mining Carbon Brushes

Mining Carbon Brushes

JCL   Carbon has been servicing the mining industry for over 50 years. Our carbon brushes are used on Bucyrus Erie, P&H, LeTourneau, Marion, and Page equipment. We manufacture a full range of carbon brushes specially designed to meet the rigors of the mining applications on draglines, shovels, crushers, conveyors, and loaders.

Let our highly trained, experienced field service representatives evaluate your motors and recommend a brush for maximum life and lower maintenance costs.

Aviation Carbon Brush

Aviation Carbon Brush

JCL  Carbon Brushes manufactures a variety of carbon brushes used on aviation and military applications. Our carbon brushes and special grades are designed to handle the stringent requirements and high altitude common with these critical applications.



· Precision fabrication

· Special custom grades to meet demanding applications

· High altitude treatments for superior performance and longer life

· ISO 9001

· Application analysis and design recommendations

Carbon vane for vacuum pumps

Carbon vane for vacuum pumps

JCL can make many kinds of carbon vane or Graphite vane for vacuum pumps. we can supply many size of them.





Graphite seals

Graphite seals


JCL can make the Graphite seals. Every year, also will make more than 30 different molds.







  • Carbon brush for power tools
  • Carbon brush for automotive
  • Carbon brush for industry
  • Carbon brush for home appliances
  • Carbon vane
  • Graphite seals
  • Carbon brush holder



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jcl carbon brush video

jcl carbon brush video


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